A new design system and editorial platform for the Welsh Government

Lead UI Designer, Agency
UI Design System
product design sprints
Brand accessibility

Stories of Wales

Using atomic design methods and well-designed customisable options, we created a flexible CMS that allowed hundreds of content editors across Wales to publish bespoke-looking articles and tell impactful stories.

Content-driven responsive design

As we were using a very photography-driven brand, I designed the photography ratios and layouts to change depending on your device size. Curating the layouts in this way meant a truly responsive and crafted approach to the content.

Location-based UI elements

I designed the UI to have a consistent reference to a location. The photography, articles, and page structure were all designed with location in mind, to help users maintain a sense of Wales' geography. Due to our OOUX approach, we introduced location 'cards' to run alongside long form article content.

One design system, multiple websites - reusable and reskinnable.

Overall, we created a finely-tuned and tested base pattern library, ready to be reskinned and reused in the future for more websites.

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